All of these pre-order products are now being aimed to ship to backers as soon as possible during 2017, but definitely before the global retail release of them for Christmas 2017. These prices include a one size fits all worldwide shipping charge to backers also.

As a special thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey and pledged for the consoles via the original Indiegogo campaign, or pre-ordered directly through our website below we are happy to announce our Free gift of a branded THE64 Joypad which will be bundled with your console pre-order when delivered in 2017!

Hall of fame – Get your name on our hall of fame! Your name will be displayed on THE 64’s ™ hall of fame list on the console itself! – $10

The Computer Console Version of THE 64 ™, plus the hall of fame! – $150 plus worldwide postage

The one and only scale model of THE 64 ™ computer console version. Modelled by artist Wayne Malton and signed by THE 64 ™ team PLUS ALSO SIGNED BY THE ONE AND ONLY MUSIC RETRO ICON JIMMY OSMOND! – This is the only one in the world. Plus hall of fame. – $2800 plus worldwide shipping

Retro Games Ltd, are a British company based in the UK. By placing a pre-order using the PayPal buttons and ordering system above, you are placing a pre-order for items still currently under final development, which WILL be manufactured and in fact the production process has started for some of the range in July 2017, but delivery will be nearer the back end of 2017 for these pre-orders. We are aiming to ship them in 2017 globally for these pre-orders and of course before retail sales start. Please do not pay for these items if you are not prepared to wait till that point in time. It is unlikely we will be able to ship them before that date, we will if possible, but it is unlikely. By placing the pre-order as above, you are agreeing to this pre-order date time scale and our general terms, thank you.

Thank you for your support.