THE 64 ™ – Our version of the global bestselling Computer is here!

THE 64 ™ is here and has brought it’s handheld console along for the ride! The world’s best-selling single computer model has been reimagined in both computer and console versions!


THE 64 ™ is an exciting and respectful re-imagining of the original home computer, the Commodore C64. Developed using the latest (old) technology, the highly passionate team behind THE 64 ™ is excited to bring you not only a classic desktop version of THE 64 ™ but also a brand new console version meaning classic gaming, on the go!


THE 64 ™ gaming team is built around a group of people with many years of games creation and intellectual property licensing experience! The foundation of the team is their love of the Commodore 64 ™ and it is this passion that shines through with the creation of the games software for THE 64 ™. Key team members are also integral parts of the C64 ™ community, working tirelessly to preserve and maintain the C64 ™, keeping the scene vibrant and alive.


Disclaimer – Retro Games Ltd, THE 64(tm) and THE 64SX(tm) are in no way associated with Commodore Holdings B.V. THE 64(tm) and THE 64SX(tm) have not been prepared, approved, or licensed by Commodore Holdings B.V in any way and are not licensed to use the Commodore(R) name or ‘Chicken Head’ logo. The Commodore Roms, BIOS and THE 64(tm) form factor are officially licensed from Cloanto Inc The music featured within the video for this crowd fund campaign is owned and composed by Rob Hubbard and is used with kind permission for illustrative purposes only. The music is used with the permission of the author and High Technology Publishing Ltd